Free Home Buying Consultation

Buying a home — be it your first home or your fifth home — is a big deal. It can be exciting, emotional, and exhausting. Even if you’re not a first time home buyer, the number of components involved in buying a home are staggering. And it’s not until you're knee deep in the process that this hits you.

Without the right expertise, energy, and experience on your side, you’re putting yourself at risk. Let’s look at just some of the components in buying a home:

  • Obtaining mortgage financing pre-approval or even better a commitment
  • Knowing the difference between mortgage lenders and how choosing the wrong one can hurt you
  • Knowing the true ins and outs of certain developments
  • Identifying properties either before they hit the market or immediately when released
  • Knowing what to look for in a property when a home inspection contingency will keep you from getting your dream home
  • How to structure an offer that gets accepted — even when it’s not the highest offer
  • Communication with the listing agent that builds a bond of trust and helps them want to accept your offer

Those are just some of the components. Wait until there is a home inspection contingency, and the whole purchase is hanging by a thread over items you want repaired and the seller doesn’t want to fix.

Or how about when it comes down to your home appraisal? Did you even know there’s a strategy for this part of the process?

There’s a lot involved from the time you decide you want to own your own home to actually living in that home. So what if you could have my expertise and guidance working for you the entire way for 100% free?

Well, you can. You probably already know this, but any fee I would be paid comes from the seller allocating an amount or percentage of the sell.

So, are you waiting for?

Let’s set up a time to talk today. With all the things involved in the home buying process, it’s never too early to have an initial conversation. And I’m looking forward to it!

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